New Projects in 2013

In the early summer of 2013 when the yard sale season began I installed four signs that said the same thing:


The signs were set up at the various approachs to the center of Woodstock. None of them stayed up for longer than two days. I found one – torn from its stand and messed up – more than a hundred yards from where it had been. The others completely disappeared.


I’d read online about making a plastic cast of someone. A group of friends got together to wrap one of us in plastic wrap and tape to make a sculpture. I decided to use a mask for the head since no one wanted to have her face wrapped. The finished figure was brought to town in June and seated at a town bench facing the traffic coming into town. I sat near but not next to it.

Some people took photos of themselves with the figure. A child came and asked permission to kiss her. Other children and adults wanted to shake hands or touch her. A street person lunged at her to take her away, but when I came forward, he let her go. People from cars waved at her. She was like a welcome sign. (The photos of the faces are blurred since I did not get formal permission from them to use the photos.)







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